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Shaun the Sheep

Inspired by the popular TV series "Shaun the Sheep. " this tale of tricks and tomfoolery is sure to get readers giggling. Why does Bitzer the sheepdog suddenly have a mustache. What could turn Shaun the Sheep bright pink..

Systems Biology

Systems biology is a relatively new biological study field that focuses on the systematic study of complex interactions in biological systems. thus using a new perspective (integration instead of reduction) to study them..

Adulterio [Spanish]

Quiero cambiar. Necesito cambiar. Estoy perdiendo el contacto conmigo misma.Adulterio. la provocativa nueva novela de Paulo Coelho. autor de"El Alquimista yOnce minutos." explora el verdadero significado de como llevar una vida plena y feliz..

The Migration of Skilled Health Personnel in the Pacific Region

Migration of health professionals from the Pacific Island countries has been a growing concern for a number of years. and will in the long-term effect the provision of health services in this region..

My Life in Ruins

Part memoir. part potted history of civilisation. My Life in Ruins is the account of a life lived in uncovering the past. Adam Ford is an archaeologist. Not only has he been on expeditions to unlock the mysteries of the past in the Caribbean..

Saving Shiloh

DOES EVERYONE DESERVE A SECOND CHANCE. Marty's parents think so -- even Judd Travers. whose history of drinking and violence keeps Marty from completely trusting that his beloved dog..

Philip K. Dick

This Library of America volume brings together four of Dick's most original. mesmerizing. and surprising novels: "The Man in the High Castle. The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep..

Resilience Interventions for Youth in Diverse Populations

Our uncertain times are hard enough for adults to navigate. For all too many young people-even many who appear to possess good coping skills-the challenges may seem overwhelming..

H. M. S. "Hannibal" at Palermo and Naples

Excerpt from H. M. S. "Hannibal" At Palermo and Naples: During the Italian Revolution. 1859 1861 Early in the month of January. in the year 1859. after the memorable words which had been addressed by the Emperor of the French..

The Owl Who Liked Sitting on Caesar

'Perched on the back of a sunlit chair was something about 9 inches tall and shaped rather like a plump toy penguin with a nose-job. It appeared to be wearing a one-piece knitted jumpsuit of pale grey fluff with brown stitching..

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